Monday, March 27, 2017

Yee haaa! I finally have unlimited internet

I'm back in the saddle again. I have had such a good time since reinventing my life and living and travlin' on the road. I don't even know where to start so I suppose airing dirty laundry will do.

Back in Nov. My boyfriend Jim came out to Flagstaff to visit. He bought himself a Suburban and a 21 foot used camper. I don't think he liked camping very well, at least at first. He did settle down okay after a while. I am to be commended that I didn't strangle him at any point his first few weeks he was here. This life must not be for everyone. Who knew?

His expression screams "Not a happy camper" don't you think?

Life started to get more fun, we enjoyed Williams AZ , not to far from Flagstaff where we boondocked.

We got our kicks on route 66

Dollar tacos on Thursday nights at this place.

This is the world famous bar cat. If you open one of the creamers and pour it out on the bar, the famous kitty laps it up. I love this place. The tacos, waitresses and drinks are good here.

After Jim accepted his lot in life, at least for the 6 weeks we were together we enjoyed seeing the sites in Cottonwood and Jerome Arizona. I enjoyed the bars in Jerome. Jerome is a wonderful little tourist town.

This is looking down on our Cottonwood camp.

Of course, there are balloons that rise every morning looking from Cottonwood toward Sedona. 

                        This huge old fellow visited Ivy

And, last but not least, prickly pear cactus

We spent some time in Tombstone, the town to tough to die. I like tourist towns. I enjoyed the bars there too. Jim doesn't drink and he always drives.

Thats me on the piano. Girls just want to have fun.

Jim and I boondocked at Chochise Stronghold for a few days. He sort of liked it. It had poor internet and no television. A deal breaker for him and a lot of people. As for me this is another Paradise. If you decide to camp in the actual pay campground, remember, when they say no rigs over 23 feet, they really mean it. If you want to boondocking, larger rigs can check out the brown numbered roads. In a place like this, I usually park my rig and walk in to check the lay of the land.
Chochise Stronghold

 This is Jim an

This is looking out my door. Incredible.

My rig with the mountains

I did ask Jim if it was okay to publish this about him. He said yes as long as I published his explanation so here goes.

"Who do you think will believe all the made up stuff in your email???  To help them understand my frame of mind you could give them a few more details such as that I was hit in the truck-stop parking lot the night after I drove 1700 miles in three days to get out there. I discovered my refer didn't work on propane before getting hit. Leave out the part about me being afraid to give my toilet its' "christening". You can put in my dismay at using 1/2 of my water tank to take what I intended to be a "water-saving" shower. It's optional if you want to put in the part about me flattening my car AND trailer battery running the furnace one night without me giving any prior thought as to how I was going to recharge the trailer battery. You could say you are giving me the benefit of the doubt as this was my first big trailering experience and I may (we both hope) do better next time."
Jim needs to lighten up a little. Lol