Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's Outside Your Camper Door?

If you are willing to step off the edge and give up the things that are holding you back, you can have the things you need to satisfy your soul.
Diane's quote

One of the perks to giving up a mainstream life is, we get to live in a different Paradise when we choose to. This is what's outside my camper door. This view has been brought to you by the US Forest Service near the Grand Canyon.

I've been camped with a few other campers for several days near Williams az . After a few days I was able to get out for supplies. I was stuck due to rainstorms,  I  wasn't in dire need though and could last another 5 or so days before needing water. Even at that, I have a water purification system but it did impress upon me how fragile we can be especially if we don't keep enough supplies on hand. There are over 60000 acres , you could hike 26 miles into Flagstaff without crossing a major road I was told. There are a handful of campers enjoying this pristine paradise, all free for 14 days. It draws the big rigs and class A s because many of the roads are passable unless there is a lot of rain. Even at that, there are some great parking places closer to rt 60 that you can nestle in the pines. I've met some nice peeps out here. Mostly people in the 40s on up. Interesting  talking to the full timers who gave up on life for their own reasons and live mainly in the wilderness like I do. I often wonder what their stories are but never ask.


Don't panic, this is a selfie, this is outside my camper, not yours.

Home is where I park it.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Welcome To Paradise

Here's my new old camper.  I love it. I was sitting out at a camp fire watching the night sky with some fellow Boondockers in southern California I had been traveling with on my one year anniversary of living full time is my little tiny camper. It struck me that I have never been so at peace since stepping out of my comfort zone and I wanted to continue this adventure. I thought it would be nice to have a slightly bigger home. I started a search and found this 18 foot Sun Line Sun Ray camper. She's not the best made little gal out here but she's paid for.

Every place I elect to stay becomes my favorite place until I move somewhere else I fancy. I may call her Paradise because that's where we usually wind up. There are so many paradises if you only take time to see them.

Below is my little art studio. Isn't this great? I love having this, the other camper, as wonderful as it is, didn't allow me room to keep a studio set up.

Here are a few of my first creations in Paradise.

And this.