Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Bittersweet Parting

Goodbye Ohio. It has been a very good summer but I'm off tomorrow to New Mexico for a few weeks then to meet up with some women in a solo rving group I belong to. There are a lot of women who do this just like me. I will then head to Quartzsite AZ to join folks in another group for Thanksgiving dinner. cheap rv living  This is bittersweet, leaving I mean. I will miss some people but my wonderlust has returned.

There are so many things I haven't seen or experienced. This will be the longest time I have driven alone. I will take it slow and easy though and stay at roadside rests along the way til I get to my first destination, Truth Or Consequences NM.  It will take several days. I keep it around 50 mph so staying off the interstates is a must. Never been to T or C but hear it's great. It looks like it has a nice art scene going on and that's exciting. I haven't been involved in any galleries for a few years and I miss it.  Truth Or Consequences

 I have been spending the past week with my kids. I have 2 and they live in the area. Sorry but here comes a me and my grandson picture. This is Cade, my son's baby.

A few days ago my daughter and I took the dogs out to the covered bridge area in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It was cloudy and a little misty but wonderful. We hiked about 7 miles. Lots of sticks were thrown for the dogs. All three love to swim. I was sitting with daughter Dakota on a creek bank and told her, looks like we are going to get rained on. I pulled my hood up against the big rain drops hitting me. Dakota started laughing and I turned around, it was one of the dogs wagging a water soaked tail in my direction.

This was the culprit, Duke, a lab/boxer mix.

This is Emma, Duke's sister

Me and my Ivy

I'm a dog, a happy dog! Dakota and her hubby backpack with their dogs. The dogs also carry backpacks.

Emma and Ivy

As I said, this is my last day in the area. I will be hitting the road soon and will have lots of new experiences to share with you all. Thanks for following me and commenting. I have the camper ready to hook up in the morning and head west.

One last picture, this is of my friend Janet and I. We went to a vintage car show in September. She won best in show with her Fiat. Janet does a lot of the mechanical work herself. I won best vintage camper. Actually it was the only vintage camper but we had a good time anyway. I'm not lookin' for love but I'll tell you, if you are a woman and have a vintage car and showing it, you will draw men like a magnet.  Just a little tip if you want a love life.