Thursday, September 3, 2015

How important are your things when you die?

I have so many people interested in this  life I've chosen to lead. Many are older women like me and women that are just plain tired of their lives or being a caretaker of their house and other people. This is not an easy thing to do. 

It may start out as a little thought, "Gee wouldn't it be fun to just give it all up, get rid of everything and sell my house and buy a camper and travel? Then after a few years you start obsessing and wondering what freedom might feel like. You think you spend to much time mowing the lawn and the effin' grass grows so fast and the neighbor who has a husband to do the yard work smiles at you and sweetly asks what kind of weeds are growing in my grass.

You suddenly have an epiphany when your pampered neighbor who's holding her age better than you because she doesn't have to do everything herself also innocently asks you where your recycle container is.  You think, that you don't want to do it all anymore and you are too tired to separate your effing' trash just to please your neighbor.

You finally put two and two together and know that you are supporting a house you don't need anymore now that the kids are grown. You think, my God, I'm a slave to this house and the power company and everyone else just so I have a place to keep my things. 

 All of a sudden you start to think about your things and you start to consider what your kids will do with your things if you die. Then you realize your treasures are just things your kids will set out at a big estate sale and sell them for a few bucks each and little grubby kids that come with their moms to the sale will be putting their hands all over your nice furniture and then one of your kids says, "Yeah, a dollar will work for those old dog statues"  and you are rolling over in your grave again screaming those are antique Staffordshire Spaniels, I raised you better than this!

 It won't matter though because you will be in a "better place" and never did travel and write your romance novel or sit and watch the sunrise on a beach or the sunset in a desert in New Mexico because you were to busy being a responsible adult and you didn't take care of yourself or experience life because it was to hard to get rid of everything and you like your things and it's a scary world out there and a woman should never travel alone because that's what everyone says.

I will save how to get started doing this for another post. I will say it's a lot more psychological than physical and it's not easy. To me though, it saved my life and soul. I don't know how long I will travel like this, as it stands now, I have lots more things to do and see and experience.

I have a little video I made of where I am now. I'm real easy to please and I enjoy simple things, even cows with flies, so please, enjoy my  video and cow picture. After you see the video you will see that the pictures with this post aren't  random. The video is below.

The camera is not my friend, hasn't been since the 90's. I'm really good looking and not butt ugly as the video portrays me. I'm really beautiful for my age and must admit to being a legend in my own mind.

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