Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why not be kind?

It is a cold cruel world out here. Nothing new, it always has been a cold cruel world. There are so many opportunities to be kind and I would rather use the chance to make my little small difference. Heck, I can be mean and nasty too often myself. I'm not just talking about individuals like you and me. I'm talking about towns like Amelia Island. While I was using their beach parking lot to camp on, I had locals talk to me and even the police inquire how I was doing. 

There were a few homeless, some living in their cars (I'm not talking about homeless by choice, like I am). A few had all their belongings on old bikes. The people I met kept themselves and their areas under the pagodas  as tidy as possible and they left for other areas during the day.  The hot clean showers the island provided the opportunity to bathe if you wished. I frequently saw locals talking to the few homeless. The camping areas had million dollar properties on both sides.  I guess I'm bringing this up because other places I have been with obviously rich people were often not nice. 

I stayed for a few days at a time before moving and was not harassed. The first morning there, I woke up to see an old bike and belongings under the pagoda/shelter next to where I was parked. I thought the sleeping bag was empty but after a while the man sleeping got up and sorted through his meager belongings.  I just finished perking a pot of coffee and offered him a cup. He accepted and asked if I had any creamer.  He used up most of it and walked away to sit back down without uttering another word. 

The following morning a young guy stopped in for coffee with creamer. He was waiting to call a bar about getting a job and was very happy I loaned him my phone to place the call. I had seen his little tent set up in the sand dunes.  He had just cleaned up at the shower house and was ready to walk the 6 miles for a coveted job interview.  I have a feeling he got the job as a cook, he was a sweet young man that made some bad choices regarding friends but was struggling to make something of himself.

All that we have can be taken from any one of us at any time. I need choose to be kind more often than I am.  

 These are a few paintings I have done to go into my greeting card line. I love being out like this, I have the time and the peace to create.

Sea birds at the beach.


Jim and Sandie said...

I really wish I could read and hear more of these stories. I am so sick of the news and all the cruelty of man against man or animal. I know there are really good people out there. And you feel so wonderful when you actually help someone out. We bought a subway sandwich for a young man who couldn't even look us in the face when he mumbled thank you. Your paintings are beautiful.

Dragonfly said...

I know, just coffee and creamer and looking someone with less than me and acknowledging their value. I felt good and it was heartwarming to see and feel the kindness of the towns people. This I saw both times I stayed there. I'm going to do a post soon about fear.

Dragonfly said...
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