Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ohio AEP Lands and Wayne National Forest

Nothing beats free camping, other than free camping with hot showers. I didn't get that lucky here, no showers to be had but I still love this life of freedom. Ohio AEP Lands, you need to register but its easy and the sites are wonderful. Wayne National Forest  is absolutely beautiful, I was fortunate enough to stay on private land though so I can't report if it's easy to find boondocking there or not.  I will be heading back to the area next week and hope to have a report by then.

Ivy in the front, Cricket in the camper door. 

Giant butterflies and flowers that dwarfed my rig, honestly they were Jurassic park size.

If you enlarge this picture of the bumble bee, you will see it is covered with pollen. Did you know bee pollen is good for you if you eat it? I don't know how they collect it off the bees though. I licked this bee and wound up getting stung so I defiantly won't do that again. Who knew?

If you haven't signed up for my blog, will you? I promise it won't send you crap in your inbox, at least I don't think it will. If it does I will change settings. If you sign up, it will make it easier to find out when I update.

I have been happily increasing my greeting card line. Nothing beats sitting outside under my umbrella next to my little camper and creating paintings. Life is very good. Before I took up this lifestyle, I was always so stressed and had no time to paint. My soul was lacking until I took up a simple life, got rid of things I didn't need and hit the road. 



Diane, I follow your blog, with a smile on my face and just a bit of jealousy!
I hope to meet up with you sometime down the road and continue the friendship we've only begun back at the Glampaholics rally October 2014.
I can't find where to sign up to get the blog instead of looking for your posts of fb. When I do I will gladly sign up.
Keep smiling, keep being kinder, but most of all keep being you.
Linda Bachar

Pleinguy said...

Glad to hear there are such camping opportunities in Ohio. Thanks for the info. Also, nice to see you catching up on your blog posts. Looking good!

the rolling aluminum tent said...

Hi there good to see you are doing OK. I am still moving into my new apartment in the endless mountains of Northern Pennsylvania, I think I can set you up with a free boondock in Loyalsock State Forest, the HQ is right down the road from me on US220 I can stop in if you want to travel east. http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/forestry/stateforests/loyalsock/

My plans are to head to Florida first week of January or sooner if it snows a foot and stay there until late March. Things are much better for me financially and health wise vs. just five months ago.

Remember the old tourist slogan they took down because people from New Jersey got upset "Pennsylvania America Starts here".

Barbara Stithem said...

Would love to follow you. Don't know how?

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