Wednesday, December 31, 2014


     My blog readers that are already on the road know how hard it is to close down their previous  life. I'm fortunate, I'm doing this by choice, having decided over the past few years that my soul needs a change. I'm on several Facebook travelers and RV groups. Many write of  hard times, divorces, foreclosures, heart rendering deaths of a loved one to name a few. It seems impossible sometimes to organize all that is needed to take care of the things I once thought were important. Some of the best advice from folks who have done this is one step at a time. It takes a lot of steps. At the earlier times in my life, who would have thought that the things I wanted and got were the very things that keep me from creating and being free.

    Yesterday I found a good safe buyer for my horse. I will miss having a horse and she is a good girl. I never thought I would ever be without a horse. The past few years, my life and wants and needs have changed so much I wonder who I am anymore. I do feel more at peace than I ever remember being. The people who were out today had looked at close to a dozen horses for Jack. He had his riding instructor and her husband come out with him. I knew within a few minutes he would want her. Clover and Jack bonded instantly. He is a very kind and gentle man in his 50's and has been injured somehow and needed something big and gentle to help him heal his instructor told me. He didn't want to leave, he just stood there loving and petting her. She sniffed him  and offered him  her breath for him to return the favor. This is something horses do to each other and to some people. They were very impressed with Clover.

   Today they will pick Clover up and take her to a new home. This is a bittersweet time for me. 


This is Clover and me a few years ago, Clover and Pat's Dewey last summer.
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

More Preperation To Really Chase Flowers

 My target date to leave is ever changing. I have my supplies needed to Chase Flowers packed, all but the paints, they would freeze here in Ohio. What does the name Chasing Flowers mean? Early this year while waiting so very long for spring to arrive, I thought the only way I would be able to paint flowers from real life is if I chased them to warmer and warmer places. That and I also stole part of the name from a friends blog,  Chasing Pirates

 More work was done on Little Serenity to prepare us for our Great Adventure. 

This picture below is of the axle and spring leaf thingys. 

This is the axle and brand new 3500 pound brakes.Very necessary to tow in the western mountains.

Why do all of this?  If you scroll down and see earlier pictures of Serenity, you may see that she sat very low to the ground. Fine if I was going to stay on good roads and in paved campgrounds.  I enjoy getting a little off the beaten path and needed better ground clearance. 

The RV Clinic has taken good care of me. The RV Clinic in Ohio
I celebrated my 61st birthday on December 13th. It's time to rock and roll.