Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Starting To Chase Flowers

I love to read other people's interesting travel blogs because that's what I want to do, travel instead of keeping up a house and property. As it stands, I can't get rid of my place yet. Jerry on The Cheap RV Living Blog posted a question on the forum, "how do you keep up blogging?"  Even though he likes to write, he doesn't keep his blog current. My answer to him was that I would love to be blogging with good content but I'm not on the road traveling yet and I feel like a wannabe or a fake traveler.
Until the time I can fulfill my obligations at home and sell my place, maybe I just need to set a goal of blogging once a week instead of being so sporadic.  I don't want to bore anyone and take their precious time with a boring post.

Since I am being more reasonable with my time, I have started on my limited (that means when I can get out and have fun) "Chasing Flowers Tour of 2014". We have had such bad weather, forgive me for complaining, there were lives lost due to tornados in the past few days in Arkansas and OK. I can't even imaging going through such tragedy.
I was able to at least get over to the park across the street from me and rough in a few paintings. I had to come back to my studio to finish them because it started raining again. Ohio gets the same storms to travel through, we usually don't get them as bad though.

Here are two small format paintings I did yesterday. In case you are wondering, no, there are no flowers out like this yet. These live in my head along with lots of other images just wanting to pop out and come to life in a painting. All we have here are little wild flowers and onion grass. And ticks. I got a tick on me. Would have thought the ticks would have drowned the past few days.

The bottom picture is of me hangin' with my peeps. I don't like to take selfies. A few I got shots of the inside of my nose, this one my neck looks unusually wrinkled. I'm sure the camera has lied on me once again, I'm not aging as fast like a lot of people my age, I like to think.

I just noticed, that's kind of cool. It looks like I sprouted antlers out of my head.