Saturday, March 8, 2014

A little help from my friends

The weather has become much more reasonable here. It's above 40 degrees and will get better day by day. The creativity has been flowing in me. I spent some time working on the little camper Serenity. I have been blocking of time to work on my little book. It will come together by the end of April if not before. I am surrounded by positive people that have offered help and encouragement.

I talk like this is such a big thing, writing and illustrating this. It really isn't I suppose but other times I have tried to do this, I have lost concentration and energy. I guess when the time is right, it's right. I have more than one muse, other artists that I look up to. One of them is Rod at Rod's Blog He is in a bad place now, his cousin is facing the end of life but in spite of this, he is still pulling together his art and books. He has created and finished quite a bit in the past year. Some of the things he has said, about having characters and art in his head for years before they suddenly birth themselves is what I have always gone through.
Rod makes comic books, fantastic fairy tales with strong female figures. Here is one of his characters in a fight scene with the big bad wolf.  Makes me feel like I can conquer any big bad wolves that come my way, and in style with cute clothes too!

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