Wednesday, December 31, 2014


     My blog readers that are already on the road know how hard it is to close down their previous  life. I'm fortunate, I'm doing this by choice, having decided over the past few years that my soul needs a change. I'm on several Facebook travelers and RV groups. Many write of  hard times, divorces, foreclosures, heart rendering deaths of a loved one to name a few. It seems impossible sometimes to organize all that is needed to take care of the things I once thought were important. Some of the best advice from folks who have done this is one step at a time. It takes a lot of steps. At the earlier times in my life, who would have thought that the things I wanted and got were the very things that keep me from creating and being free.

    Yesterday I found a good safe buyer for my horse. I will miss having a horse and she is a good girl. I never thought I would ever be without a horse. The past few years, my life and wants and needs have changed so much I wonder who I am anymore. I do feel more at peace than I ever remember being. The people who were out today had looked at close to a dozen horses for Jack. He had his riding instructor and her husband come out with him. I knew within a few minutes he would want her. Clover and Jack bonded instantly. He is a very kind and gentle man in his 50's and has been injured somehow and needed something big and gentle to help him heal his instructor told me. He didn't want to leave, he just stood there loving and petting her. She sniffed him  and offered him  her breath for him to return the favor. This is something horses do to each other and to some people. They were very impressed with Clover.

   Today they will pick Clover up and take her to a new home. This is a bittersweet time for me. 


This is Clover and me a few years ago, Clover and Pat's Dewey last summer.
Comments are cherished.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

More Preperation To Really Chase Flowers

 My target date to leave is ever changing. I have my supplies needed to Chase Flowers packed, all but the paints, they would freeze here in Ohio. What does the name Chasing Flowers mean? Early this year while waiting so very long for spring to arrive, I thought the only way I would be able to paint flowers from real life is if I chased them to warmer and warmer places. That and I also stole part of the name from a friends blog,  Chasing Pirates

 More work was done on Little Serenity to prepare us for our Great Adventure. 

This picture below is of the axle and spring leaf thingys. 

This is the axle and brand new 3500 pound brakes.Very necessary to tow in the western mountains.

Why do all of this?  If you scroll down and see earlier pictures of Serenity, you may see that she sat very low to the ground. Fine if I was going to stay on good roads and in paved campgrounds.  I enjoy getting a little off the beaten path and needed better ground clearance. 

The RV Clinic has taken good care of me. The RV Clinic in Ohio
I celebrated my 61st birthday on December 13th. It's time to rock and roll.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Story Of Freedom

This is so exciting, I just watched a mobile living documentary about freedom. It was wonderful. Many of the people I saw on it are people that I know from Bob Wells Cheap RV Living Blog. Here is the link to the  Michael Tubbs  production of

Without Bound - Perspectives on Mobile Living (Documentary)

Update about Serenity, I just got a call last night, my little camper is ready to go home. Next  week I will hitch up my original camper, Little Sanitee and take her in to trade for all the work and parts.  

Click Picture to enlarge

1972 Shasta Compact Camper

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Closer to my hearts desire

I am very happy. I just made an even trade for work to be done on Serenity. I traded the original Little Sanitee. Bearings packed, Ubolts and leaf springy things flipped so she rides higher. Brakes and drums and all the stuff that goes with them. New wedding cake vintage look lights, door handle, brake controller and wiring. You'll be seeing me comin' round the mountains when I come.
An artist friend of mine PleinAirJourney.COM set off on his journey last year. He takes the most incredible pictures that encourages me even more to pursue my own journey.

Now, I do realize most of my readers are experienced travelers. Most are boon dockers at heart and don't need any instructions. This for the few people out there that don't know how to make a campfire.

1. Split dead limb into fragments and shave one fragment into slivers.
2. Bandage left thumb.
3. Chop other fragments into smaller fragments.
4. Bandage left foot.
5. Make a structure of slivers (including those embedded in the hand).
6. Light match.
7. Light match.
8. Repeat “I’m a Happy Camper” and light match.
9. Apply match to slivers, add wood fragments, and blow gently into base of flames.
10. Apply burn ointment to nose.
11. When fire is burning, collect more wood.
12. When fire is burning well, add all remaining firewood.
13. After thunderstorm has passed, repeat the above steps.

1972 Shasta Compact Camper

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I am getting closer to freedom, to my journey. Today I took Serenity to a place to see about putting brakes on and a few other things. So far, it looks like my sister will take over my main business. I am starting to get some orders to do custom pet portraits. This is exciting because I will be able to add this to my arsenal of ways to make money with my art while on the road.  I'm so hoping to be able to make the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous this year (2015 Jan.) in Quartzite AZ. Bob Wells Big Shindig In The Desert

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not really into stealth. Here are a few pictures of my camper, "Serenity"
Over the top is the way I roll.
                                  As far as I'm concerned, glitter on her wings is a must.

1972 Shasta Compact

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Starting To Chase Flowers

I love to read other people's interesting travel blogs because that's what I want to do, travel instead of keeping up a house and property. As it stands, I can't get rid of my place yet. Jerry on The Cheap RV Living Blog posted a question on the forum, "how do you keep up blogging?"  Even though he likes to write, he doesn't keep his blog current. My answer to him was that I would love to be blogging with good content but I'm not on the road traveling yet and I feel like a wannabe or a fake traveler.
Until the time I can fulfill my obligations at home and sell my place, maybe I just need to set a goal of blogging once a week instead of being so sporadic.  I don't want to bore anyone and take their precious time with a boring post.

Since I am being more reasonable with my time, I have started on my limited (that means when I can get out and have fun) "Chasing Flowers Tour of 2014". We have had such bad weather, forgive me for complaining, there were lives lost due to tornados in the past few days in Arkansas and OK. I can't even imaging going through such tragedy.
I was able to at least get over to the park across the street from me and rough in a few paintings. I had to come back to my studio to finish them because it started raining again. Ohio gets the same storms to travel through, we usually don't get them as bad though.

Here are two small format paintings I did yesterday. In case you are wondering, no, there are no flowers out like this yet. These live in my head along with lots of other images just wanting to pop out and come to life in a painting. All we have here are little wild flowers and onion grass. And ticks. I got a tick on me. Would have thought the ticks would have drowned the past few days.

The bottom picture is of me hangin' with my peeps. I don't like to take selfies. A few I got shots of the inside of my nose, this one my neck looks unusually wrinkled. I'm sure the camera has lied on me once again, I'm not aging as fast like a lot of people my age, I like to think.

I just noticed, that's kind of cool. It looks like I sprouted antlers out of my head.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Cards Available

It's spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!  ~Mark Twain

Wonderful weather today, the sun is shining and it should be in the 40's. May not sound warm to a lot of folks but for the large part of the country that endured and survived the polar vortex, this is nice.

A big reason I write this is to keep myself focused. The time to do what is in my heart is now. We don't know how many seconds, minutes, hours or days we will be given. Not that I believe one should just throw  all responsibilities away and become totally selfish.

These are the cards you will get if you send a donation  to help fund my inspirational book and Chasing Flowers Tour. Actually, you get 6 cards. The donation button is to the right. Click the picture to enlarge it.  I will be offering a set of horse cards in a few days too.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A little help from my friends

The weather has become much more reasonable here. It's above 40 degrees and will get better day by day. The creativity has been flowing in me. I spent some time working on the little camper Serenity. I have been blocking of time to work on my little book. It will come together by the end of April if not before. I am surrounded by positive people that have offered help and encouragement.

I talk like this is such a big thing, writing and illustrating this. It really isn't I suppose but other times I have tried to do this, I have lost concentration and energy. I guess when the time is right, it's right. I have more than one muse, other artists that I look up to. One of them is Rod at Rod's Blog He is in a bad place now, his cousin is facing the end of life but in spite of this, he is still pulling together his art and books. He has created and finished quite a bit in the past year. Some of the things he has said, about having characters and art in his head for years before they suddenly birth themselves is what I have always gone through.
Rod makes comic books, fantastic fairy tales with strong female figures. Here is one of his characters in a fight scene with the big bad wolf.  Makes me feel like I can conquer any big bad wolves that come my way, and in style with cute clothes too!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cold and snow, snow and cold

Brrrrrr!  It's real cold and snowy. Glad this is a very unusual winter for Ohio. We may get up to 12 inches of snow today. I have lots of firewood in, I'm warm and ready to start painting. This is a painting that will go in a little inspirational book I'm putting together featuring my art. Hope to keep up the energy level to publish it (self publish) in a few months to help finance my Chasing Flowers tour.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Another painting

Greetings from chilly Ohio. Much of the snow has melted leaving ice and mud. I went on a short trip to the local greenhouse yesterday. I love to smell the musty dirt and feel the humidity. The ladies that work there are all nice too. I didn't do any painting there. I didn't have much time but I did pull this 5 by 7 inch painting together. If you look close you will see torn music script, I get vintage music pages off ebay. The music is usually already falling apart and yellowed so I don't feel guilty tearing pieces off to put in a painting now and again.

I also got an order for a fun raiser. I will be making custom pieces of jewelry from photos sent as jpgs. Not real artistic but it will help pay my way when I hit the road. Something I can do by internet that doesn't take up to much space in Serenity.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chasing Flowers Summer Tour

  I'm excited to finally quit whining about everyone taking control of my life. Things have become sane once again. I've started to concentrate and keep to my plans to go on the road and support myself. I am going to go slow and steady and keep getting rid of stuff.
  I'm going on a limited 2014 tour (sounds big and important huh?) I call "Chasing Flowers". Serenity will be just perfect to spend a few days here and there in while I paint on location. I sort of stole part of the name from a school friend's blog, Nicki' Chasing Pirates 
  Not a single flower to be found here in Ohio, I think a trip to a local greenhouse is in order tomorrow to set up to paint some of their flowers.