Monday, September 2, 2013

Serenity's First Voyage

I finally took Little Serenity out for her maiden voyage on Sunday. This was the first time I towed and backed her. I wowed the men at the vintage car rally with my backing skills. Really. I had to back and curve to get into the alcove I was assigned but I did have someone that knew how to give hand signals from the ground to help me not back into any of the vintage cars. There were three vintage 'other' in the car show. A 1973 Dodge Class A and a huge Class A. I don't know what the huge one was or what year. Those people weren't friendly so I didn't take any pictures of them. The people with the Dodge were nice though.
The outside of Serenity isn't Glamped out yet and many people tried to pass her by. When I offered them tours of the inside, they were thoroughly impressed. I was happy to see people look in and smile, then squeeze in and enjoy her interior. These old campers were made back when people were not as ample as some are today.
 The wire you see on the kitchen pictures is leading to the solar panel on top of the trailer. I had a fan running and most people were very interested in my little solar set up.
I Glamped the outside with my 5 dollar yard sale camp mat and 10 dollar market umbrella and table. I set my paints and canvas up thinking I would be able to get a little painting done but I was to busy playing hostess. For someone like me who is outgoing and talkative, I had a great time.
I even won a some prizes for being in the show.