Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moving on to a moving home and what's holding me from my dreams

Wouldn't you think the older one gets, the simpler life should become? I  just keep collecting people and things in my life that holds me back. At the expense of  releasing  psychobabble on my blog, I will relate some of my ideas of why I have been holding myself back. I have the idea in my head that I need to and can help people. I even took in a woman who had been a heroin addict when she was released from jail. Really nice lady unless she drank alcohol. She did relieve me of some of my things before she was forcibly evicted by my best friend. I have to many things anyway.

Today is already August 29, 2013, I'm 59 years old and I am finally learning to smile stupidly and not honor requests and demands to sort out troubles and I'm finding that I don't any troubles.
This is a little painting I did two weeks ago. "Dream A Little Dream For Me" My goal is to live my own dream and stay away from mean people.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little Sanitee has proven to be a wonderful art studio.  Still working on Serenity (yes, Firefly) and hope to go to a Vintage car show Sept first with her. I work better under deadlines, sometimes. I am indeed lucky to be able to hide and live in my head here since I'm not on the road yet.  There are places you can't park what looks like junk on your own property. I'm not in one of those places.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Lucky is sitting on the bed in my 1972 Shasta Compact. She wants to go bye bye.  The solar is working well. When I eventually get on the road with "Serenity" I will upgrade. I found out the 60 watt led light bulb is probably to much light for the small light colored space.  The new tires are on her.  I would like to have new vintage look lenses and lights but I will wait. I am chomping at the bit just to take a small trip and I'm so close. This week will be spent getting what needs done for niece Lindsay ready to enter school including vaccinations required for 7th grade. 
I also made some curtains for the little kitchen window. Now to find my drill so I can hang the rod.
For those in the know, no this is not correct window for a Shasta. Big Guy and I installed the louvered window to enable more air circulation. I'm happy I did it.  It wasn't hard to do.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I've been using Little Sanitee as an art gallery again. I have next week projected as the time I get the other little trailer, formerly known as Little Sanitee 2, now named Serinity after the Firefly series, ready for her maiden voyage on the road. I think John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs. I prefer boon docking but there are not a lot of cool boon docking places I have found in Ohio.
Here is the link to my art blog if you care to peek into my life here in the sticks and bricks.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to fool a camera while pushing 60 years old

I have found the older I get, the more the camera lies on me. Yes, I know, people will say, its a camera, it can't lie, but women know the ugly truth. Cameras lie, not by words of course but by the little images we have so much hope for when we press the  button to take a picture. The camera adds wrinkles, pot bellies and weight. At least 20 pounds is average, usually more. It also lies and makes us APPEAR to be much older.  By having someone takes lots and lots of pictures of you, eventually a few pictures of what you really look like will slip through.
These were taken at Sycamore Park yesterday. Yes, enough shots and the camera can be fooled.