Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Beginning, New Life

I have temporarily given up on Little Sanitee. She is not sound enough and will take to much money to make her road worthy.  I picked this little gem up for 600.00. She's a 1972 (the year I graduated from High School) Vintage Shasta with wings. Only 10 foot long by about 6 foot wide. Some work needs done but it shouldn't cost me as much. I no longer have as lofty goals with this trailer.
This home is Little Sanitee 2. Propane tanks need mounted and a new line for the stove. Figure out what to do about the water lines. Kicking around enlarging the closet to make a bathroom with shower. My best bet will be a porta pottie and just enjoy it without a lot of extras. It sure beats tent camping for me.
The picture of the kitchen area is not mine, I apologize to whomever it belongs to as I can not give you credit. This is close to what it looks like though. I'm looking forward to baking in the stove.


Jim and Sandie said...

Happy New Year. So wonderful to hear from you again. A 12 year old can be a major challenge but also is at that time in life when a loving aunt can make such a major change in her life. Good luck. You guys will have fun with Little Sanitee this summer. Porta potties have worked for years for many folks.

AsianGypseh (the food lover) said...

Happy New Year, Diane!
Many of our plans have been put on hold. But not stopped. :) We'll move forward nonetheless. May you have a good year ahead and I am sure you are a blessing to this precious child.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Traveling with Lindsay is going to be a blast!

Pleinguy said...

Hope Sanitee 2 will serve you well. Hope you have a lot of fun in it.

You may already know, but get a pizza stone or an unglazed ceramic floor tile to put in the bottom of that small oven. It's supposed to help even out the heat in there.