Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cards Have been Mailed

The first sets of cards have been mailed, 4 more sets are going out Monday morning.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RV Show Weekend

This weekend I attended an RV show.  If you are ever able to attend one it is very enjoyable. The economy being what it is, I felt that a lot of the travel trailer and RVs had good "show prices" on them. I doubt I would ever buy new but it gave me a baseline. For instance, a tt priced at 23,900 was knocked down to the 13 and 14 thousand dollar sales prices, meaning about 10 grand was knocked off 23 thousand.
I will be happy with my 51 year old vintage Shasta trailer for now but, I did see a v-nose design I was interested in. Of the travel trailers it seemed substantially made.  The 6502 was the one I liked, priced around 13 grand show price. I will juast have to keep liking it from afar since I owe  my dad for my electricians bill.  Most all seemed like family fun but most were not made for what living in permanately would take. Most all had very nice floor layouts though.
My 2 cents worth, for those like me who want to do this living out of a vehicle or travel trailer but have not yet experienced it. Go cheap until you know what your needs are. You can always sell what you have to upgrade. As with most things with wheels, as soon as it is off the showroom floor, you won't get what its worth in a secondary market.
Oh, the high point of the show was seeing a member of   If you are or become a member of a forum, you get to "know" some of the people online. I chanced upon Seraphim, recognized him and called his name, he cautiously turned back and I pointed at myself, "Dragonfly".  We talked at lenght, he was there with his DW, and I with Big Guy. Later my Big Guy said he had thought we had met before. Nope, maybe just a connection meant to happen.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Electric is back on

And life is good. Now to make money to pay off loans for the electrician's bill.
Thank you, I see I have several more donations for greeting cards. I make these cards each by hand so every set is a bit different. I do have 3 different sets going right now. Koi, flowers and bugs, and horses. If you need them right away let me know, otherwise I will post the selections on here and you all may choose what you want.  This will take me a few days, probably til the beginning of next week.