Friday, December 30, 2011

Where will I sleep tonight?

Dec. 21st I had an electrical fire while I was at breakfast with a friend. I had old screw in fuses, everyong who saw it has said how lucky I am. The rain probably started the fire and probably put it out. I am very lucky, my house didn't catch on fire, my dogs were not killed. I have friends and relatives that have been taking me in nights so I can shower. The art studio which is a few feet from the house has a box fireplace and enough windows that I can see to get my greeting cards I have been working on done. 
I am very frustrated. Being the holidays the inspectors are out. The electrician is frustrated, he has much of the work done, enough that I can have DP&L turn it on.
This shows me how unprepared I am for the unexpected.  This is my 9th day with no electric. Thank God we have had a very mild winter and my pipes have not been in danger of freezing.  When I pay my dad and friend back for the 3000.00 electrician's bill I will start saving for a Honda genertor for Little Sanitee. Solar would have done me little good here. Ths time of the year in Ohio is so overcast that solar panels would not get enough sunlight to power them.
I am able to use Panera's wifi this morning. I have not had the time to catch up with what is happening on everyone else's blogs.  I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Don't drink and drive this New Years, please. I hope to find out what I have missed soon.


Jim and Sandie said...

Sorry to hear about your power outage. Sure hope it gets fixed really soon. We bought a new generator yesterday - a Champion. It's definitely not as quiet as a Honda but it also, only cost $400. We only use it for a few hours a day when we boon dock so it really doesn't drive everybody too crazy.

Pleinguy said...

Glad to hear you are safe, and that the fire didn't wipe you out. I suggest you save enough to get a good Honda or Yamaha generator which is designed for RVers. Avoid the construction type like the Champions. They are cheaper, but also noisy, smelly and produce dirty power which will ruin your appliances and devices. IMO

Hope you have a successful new year.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Oh, D! I am sooooooo sorry for your trouble! I hope the situation is remedied quickly and I am sure glad you're ok, physically!

AsianGypseh (the food lover) said...

Glad to hear you are well and that the fire did not do more damage. This too shall pass.