Saturday, December 3, 2011

Free Original Art For You!

Update, sorry, this set is no longer available, I will be posting a new set.

Many of us bloggers have donation tabs to help keep us from abject poverty in the economy. When life was beautiful with chirping birds and basket weavers a few years back before bad poo poo hit the fan I actually made a very good living as an artist. Yes, I should have listened to my parents 40 years ago and got a degree in something other than fine arts, all my friends were already persuing promising social work and anthropology degrees which assured them high paying jobs at GM and  other Union jobs in town. I marched to my own drummer, which I will never regret and stumbled thru life as an artist. It payed off and allowed me to be self employed for many years. In an economy such as this, buying from an actual artist is a luxury. The manufacturing plants have shut down and moved elsewhere in the world and there is little disposable income to support the arts.
I am giving away 7 free art cards free including shipping in the USA. All you have to do is click the Paypal donation button and send 10 measly little dollars electronically to me. I made the cards, they are altered art, collages with deminsional aspects. The pictures were of course painted by me. Each one is original. This set is called Koi Set One and includes a teaser card to make you want to come back and order my Birds and Bees Collection.  Email is okay but a real little piece of art you can send with your message, priceless and collectable and thoughtful. These may even be framed. There are 2 each of the 3 Koi, 1 Birds and Bees card packaged and ready for gift giving. 4"X6" ready to write in and mail in its envelope.

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