Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mermaids and Goldfish

It looks like the weather is putting a stop to finishing outdoor work on Little Sanitee. I still need to save enough for good trailer tires.  The tires on her look good but they are several years old. I'm not an expert but I have heard tires are only good for so many years.
The outside painting is at a standstill. I think a lot of the pictures will be worked on when I get out of Dodge sometime in the spring. The old 'Life happens'. When I got this little 1961 Vintage Shasta Astrodome last Jan. I was sure I would have my life together to take off this winter. Oh well, I just keep plugging away. I won't give up and give some people in my life the opportunity to say they told me so.

These are some pictures of a mermaid character, Kia out of my as yet unpublished children's book. I painted her a few weeks ago on the front of Little Sanitee, across from the two gold fish.  My pictures are from an old low pixel camera. Seraphin a blogger and Rv'er is going to take some good pictures for me of the travel trailer when she is finished.  Click the pictures to enlarge.
From my book "I was suprised mermaids were in fresh water. I really must keep an open mind or someday I may lose track of reality."  Diane


Jim and Sandie said...

I do so want to see your rig in person. And remember, life can really get in the way of our plans.

Wanderoke said...


Anonymous said...

"And remember, life can really get in the way of our plans. "

But most often our success is a factor of our determination. Plan for the worst, aim for the best, and be flexible enough to change in stride.


Anonymous said...

"...TAKE change in stride.." lol

~~Mike~~ said...

Little Sanitee is looking pretty sweet! I like the artwork a lot :)

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