Saturday, November 19, 2011

Luck Of The Draw

On Friday evenings I work at a non profit adoption agency. I am the arts and activities director, Miss Diane. The agency, Action Adoption, runs classes for those wishing to adopt, foster or respite care, and counseling for kids and parents. My job is to keep the kids entertained for 3 hours. An average number is around 14 to 18 kids all ages and abilities. Many of the children have been damaged by those who should have loved protected them and systems that should have saved them.
One of the little boys found his saviors, a middle aged couple that teaches him and loves him and feeds him. They think their little blind autistic boy with mulitple retardations is just the greatest gift God and the agency could have given them. S is 11 years old and the size of a 5 year old. In August when he was picked up and adopted to this couple, he took a bottle, had not had solid food and crawled on the floor. The past few weeks he has been walking with his new parents into the meetings. He does not get as overwelmed with the noise of the other children as much now, he feels secure and is pretty certain someone will get his Mom or Dad when he starts rocking or crying. He is even starting to speak. He has experienced solid foods and Mom told me he now can take food out of a bowl to feed himself.
I had not noticed till last night, his Mom's hands. They are so gnarled with arthritis, honestly, one of her knuckles is almost the size of a golf ball. I have never seen it that bad even on very old people. I can just imagine the physical pain this woman lives with every day and night of her life and the toll it must take on them as a couple yet this small imperfect little child lights up their lives with the blessings few of us could ever bear.
Today is another day, enjoy it, so many can't.
Miss Diane


Jim and Sandie said...

What a wonderful story. The Lord has special blessings for this couple.

~~Mike~~ said...

I agree with Jim and Sandie completely! Great story, excellent reminder too! There are amazing people all around, they are the ones usually not calling attention to themeselves too, just silently serving and loving others. It is always refreshing and inspiring to see them.

Thanks for this post!
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tippy said...

Wow such a beautiful story. And I complain because of such nonsense little things. Bless her heart.

Dragonfly said...

Yes,working there certainly humbles me. I praise God and pray I will never be given what so may others have to handle. What is that Bible quote? "But for the Grace of God go I" Something like that. Mothers doing drugs and alcohol has come into play these past several years. A child is such a gift it just makes no sense does it?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Diane. Our son, born in a third world country, is the joy of our lives. A good match is a blessing for parents and child, but someone must be the matchmaker.


Jennifer Johnson "Jstarr06" said...

What a beautiful story as the others have said before me. And fantastic work you are doing with the children. I am so happy that little "S" is with people that care so much about his well being.
My brother is autistic and growing up with him was difficult at times. As I grew up I learned so many lessons about love and how to treat people. His progress over the years has been so rewarding.