Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter slowdown

I hope Thanksgiving was not to stressful. Mine turned out to be realitively fear free. For that I am most thankful.  Door to Little Sanitee is still covered with a tarp. Lights only partially done and no new brakes tires or bearings.  My rental property is still in limbo with the land contractors having money problems. When it sells I will be able to put money into the trailer.
This area has had beautiful weather for late Nov. I have been able to accomplish much here at my sticks and bricks.  The rain has come in overnight and this may be the end to do much outside work.  Little Sanitee is plugged into electricity so I am able to do what is needed. It does feel good, most of the work is complete inside and I often eat breakfast in her or just lay and read.  Time to start making the curtains.

Today is the big Action Adoption Christmas party. An Afro-American santa will be there. Some of the kids said there is no black santa. We have a beautiful rainbow of children, I think they will be suprised and delighted.


Jim and Sandie said...

Life is always full of snags isn't it. So we just hang in there and know that better times will come. Being able to enjoy Little Sanitee is what it's all about. Even if it is still in the drive way.

AsianGypseh said...

Glad TG went well! I attended 2 celebrations. Helped with the turkey, potatoes and gravy on both parties. One was lunch, the other dinner. :)
Have a good one!