Monday, November 28, 2011

Ara, Spirit and 'The Oasis Of My Soul'

I love to read other peoples blogs. Most of what I read pretains to living a life of freedom on the road. This is what my blog is about, although I get off topic often. I'm not yet at the time in my life that I will be able to take off emotionally or physically or finacially. So many loose ends to tie up when you have spent your life trying to live the American Dream of owning things and property.
When I read Ara's blog updates and see his wonderful pictures he takes on his travels with his  pitbull dog Spirit it just renews my energies to attain my goals. He is a magical writer and photographer and has written books. He has the most beautiful pictures of his one pan meals . He shares these recipes and they may be purchased on his site very reasonably and easily. Perfect meals for living with few aminities.
This is a quote from his lastest post.
"The space is of a different dimension, once again another step, up. I always thought "The Oasis" was filled with silence, this site here must be the true definition of such silence. Our own little piece of land in the middle of another million acres as primitive as it can get. As alone one can be but not lonely. I think often as I also have been asked " why do I not get lonely?". I am not, as for one Spirit and I keep each other company in such incredible ways. I also do love the company of others but the lifestyle is not so conducive toward a constant as such entourage. My thoughts, my own mind on this path of constant growth, my books, my camera, "Old Faithful" and Mother Nature, all keep me away from any loneliness." by Ara Gureghian from "The Oasis Of My Soul"
Someday on a desert that my heart longs to see again we may meet. I wonder if Spirit, pictured above,will like my little companion, my sassy little toy poodle Cricket?

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Ara & Spirit said...

Thank you! You are very kind... Hope our paths some day meet as we do get along always, and that means also Spirit!!! Be well... Ara and Spirit