Now, I admit a passion for older vehicles, whether they be cars, trucks, or camper vans. They are very much like a woman who has, shall we say, driven around the block once or twice. Or more. They still have beautiful lines, their exterior can still be buffed to an acceptable glow, there’s a little bounce left in the springs, padding in the upholstery and, well, they have acquired a certain character over time."
I have a passion for vintage and love the character of my 1961 vintage Shasta Astrodome travel trailer, Little Sanitee. I thought of all the little dings in the exterior aluminum and the bed for kids over the table. I wonder about the family that had her, I even found a 1966 parks form filled out by a family that had camped for a weekend at Houston Woods State Park in Ohio. Then I started thinking about myself and how I fit Seraphin's description of an older vehicle. Its hard to get those extra pounds off now. I certainly have 'dings' myself. I won't go into the similarities of the rest of his commentary. ;-) 
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