Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sept Little Sanitee Updates

We have had record rains, last year was a drought and my well trickled water. I have not been able to do as much as I have wanted, when it does stop raining, I have to get caught up on mowing and everything else. The folks that were going to move into 'the big house', well that fell thru. These pics are of work done 2 weeks ago.

Shasta Astrodome repair.  Pics of the area the galvinized watertank was. It is a bench seat repair. I decided to go with old recycled wood collected from neighbors trash and what my Dad has dropped off. 3 layers of crap flooring were removed, a few soft spots discovered, not bad for a 50 year old travel trailer. I cut those out and supported from the bottom betwen the metal frame and the floor is, as opposed to only replacing the wood. Maybe overkill but I learned how to rip-cut lengthwise-and pound the stabilizers between the trailer frame and wanted to practice. The final picture shows that I put the bed (table) in place before finishing the tongue in groove and framework for the bench. I know better than to assume anything is 'square' in Little Sanitee so I am fitting to her unique charater.  The tongue in groove is soft and split easily. It came from an old homemade bar I picked up in someones trash and took apart. You will see the screws showing, not to worry, I have other plans for that problem.

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