Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freelancing and being an artist

My Mother was right, its hard to make a living as an artist. At least my living is doing what I like to do, even though it may not be as much of a living as it once was. For several years I only did the art I wanted to do, I could afford to turn down jobs, not so easy in this economy. I am suffering computor hypnosis from setting up another tee shirt design and I just want to paint some pretty little pictures on my travel trailer Little Sanitee. Oh well, time to be a big girl and do what pays. This tee shirt business is okay but it is way to technical for me. I am going to take Sat and Sunday off and camp for the first time in Little Sanitee. I am not going to think about anything but painting pretty little pictures. This is the link to the new business. If you have a few moments, wander on over.
 During a bout of insomnia I did this little painting. "Forever In My Heart".  I hope to get it together to picture all of the greeting card paintings that are available if you make a donation to this site. 


Anonymous said...

yay for taking days off and a get away in the lil Sanitee!
Cyndi and Stumpy

ain't for city gals said...

You know..there is a whole lot of women who have vintage travel trailers that would love murals painted on them....It is so hard to find someone that is halfway reasonable that most are going to the vynal wraps. Check out (or something like that)...depending where you are located and if you can travel I would think you could makes some money doing that.

Anonymous said...

Thaks for the thought. I have actually considered that. If I am already somewhere, and my plans are to be in AZ NM areas I would love to do custom paint jobs. I don't want to make a lot of money off like minded women though and would be happy with less. When you are doing something you are compelled to do, time is not a factor.
ps, I have not been able to replay on my own blog. ;(