Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shasta Cookin'

I finally used the  oven on my 1961 Shasta Astrodome. These old stoves have no thermostat but that is no reason to be afraid to use them. Just pick up a little oven thermometer for 4.99 at any department store and you are in business.  I used to have a wonderful vintage/antique stove in my farmhouse. It had no thermostat either.  You just learn how to cook with gas by remembering how high the flame is.
My daughter Dakota and her boyfriend came to visit yesterday and I baked cookies in the oven and made hot spiced cider on the stovetop.  We sat in the camper and I got to hear stories of their  classes at Hocking College and they listened to my stories about last weeks Surf City vacation. 
Dakota said she wished we had Little Sanitee when our family went on our long winter vacations out to New Mexico and Arizona.
I'm probably nuts or just to much of a romantic but this little trailer just seems to hold me in comfort.  Nothing but good vibes, I think she had a lot of love and fun in her younger years. Yeah, I have a handle on reality and know she's inanimate.
I am getting so anxious to get my little show on the road but have hit some stumbling blocks so I will just keep on keeping on.
Ummm, can't you just smell these cookies?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surf City North Carolina

I am enjoying myself in an ocean front luxury condo, compliments of a wonderful client of my best friend. Big Guy and I delivered Cavapoo puppies for the condo owner  and her friend who live in Raleigh NC.  No, Little Sanitee did not accompany us, she's still sitting without lights or greased bearings or new tires. On the other hand, my little old Grand Am got about 34 mpg. This has been a very relaxing vacation. I am stuck on painting baby sea turtles. I have some wonderful metallic water color paints that are magical on the hand made paper I finished before leaing Ohio.  Back home to reality this coming Sunday.
  While I have been gone, horse and pony played in the street and went on a walk in the park. My son fixed the fence then called the two back home. Son's truck broke so he borrowed mine, now he reports that mine stalls out after coming off a highway. My best girl friend was in charge of collecting rent from my renter. They hid out from her so she called one of her girlfriends who is very persuasive to give my renters a call and a visit. Praise God for girlfriends. Still don't have the rent though.
A few pictures of the condo view and turtle paintings.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freelancing and being an artist

My Mother was right, its hard to make a living as an artist. At least my living is doing what I like to do, even though it may not be as much of a living as it once was. For several years I only did the art I wanted to do, I could afford to turn down jobs, not so easy in this economy. I am suffering computor hypnosis from setting up another tee shirt design and I just want to paint some pretty little pictures on my travel trailer Little Sanitee. Oh well, time to be a big girl and do what pays. This tee shirt business is okay but it is way to technical for me. I am going to take Sat and Sunday off and camp for the first time in Little Sanitee. I am not going to think about anything but painting pretty little pictures. This is the link to the new business. If you have a few moments, wander on over.
 During a bout of insomnia I did this little painting. "Forever In My Heart".  I hope to get it together to picture all of the greeting card paintings that are available if you make a donation to this site. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rain rain go away

I repainted the first story  picture on Little Sanitee a few days ago between rain storms. There is a before and 2 after pictures.

Sept Little Sanitee Updates

We have had record rains, last year was a drought and my well trickled water. I have not been able to do as much as I have wanted, when it does stop raining, I have to get caught up on mowing and everything else. The folks that were going to move into 'the big house', well that fell thru. These pics are of work done 2 weeks ago.

Shasta Astrodome repair.  Pics of the area the galvinized watertank was. It is a bench seat repair. I decided to go with old recycled wood collected from neighbors trash and what my Dad has dropped off. 3 layers of crap flooring were removed, a few soft spots discovered, not bad for a 50 year old travel trailer. I cut those out and supported from the bottom betwen the metal frame and the floor is, as opposed to only replacing the wood. Maybe overkill but I learned how to rip-cut lengthwise-and pound the stabilizers between the trailer frame and wanted to practice. The final picture shows that I put the bed (table) in place before finishing the tongue in groove and framework for the bench. I know better than to assume anything is 'square' in Little Sanitee so I am fitting to her unique charater.  The tongue in groove is soft and split easily. It came from an old homemade bar I picked up in someones trash and took apart. You will see the screws showing, not to worry, I have other plans for that problem.