Saturday, September 3, 2011

A new Koi painting on Little Sanitee

I decided to use Little Sanitee as a rolling canvas of my life, thoughts, dreams and pure pleasures of my little world. This is the first painting done on the front. This honors my father. While he was undergoing prostate cance treatment a few years ago, I got him started with a koi pond. I read on somones else's blog to wax the front of your trailer, just like you do your vehicle. It will make it easier to remove bugs.


Jim and Sandie said...

That koi looks great on your rig. You really are making good progress on your renovation. It is going to be so totally yours when you get done. We use Maguire's wax on our rig and it definitely makes it easier to remove the bugs. We also learned a neat tip about using a small scrap of medium shag carpeting to help scrub the bugs off.

Lee and Lyric said...

This is sweeet! You go girl!

Lee and Lyric