Monday, September 5, 2011

When times are tough

Here is an interesting thoughtful blogger just starting out. He has the no job blues like a lot of us but is reaching out to help others find ther paths.
I admire the old, making lemonade from lemons ethic.
This is cut and pasted from a comment about Andrew's blog that I wrote on forum.
Very nice helpful blog. I come from old school, work and volunteer, no begging. I understand we all have our own paths, I am not judging. I have never been to that point and pray I never will and do not know that I would never beg if pressed to.  As for volunteering, your blog post was well thought out and written. I feel you get more than you give and you should do well because your emphasis seems to be not just on yourself but how you can help others. We are in very unfortunate times to where even the food kitchens and church reserves are drying up. People no longer have room to safely garden or even raise chickens for eggs. Lots are sitting empty that could easily be utilized for the production of food but many generational city and suburb dwellers don't have a clue how to go about a Victory Garden or even have a place to store tools.It may not be immediate but good does come from good. I will be referring your blog on my own blog and have made a donation.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Followed your link. What a commentary on our country that a young man with a college education cannot find a job. My heart does go out to the young people. Us older ones certainly haven't left a very nice world to live in.