Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boring work

Floor is almost done, old galvinized water tank was pulled out, my dad and I did that and Big Guy is still trying to fix a backward wiring system and replace 50 year old wiring. Yes, boring but so gratifying. Oh, I have the stove working. I found another valve under a cabinet that needed opened for th propane to get to the oven. We vacumed and blew out the things the gas comes out of and all 3 burners as well as the oven work just fine.  I made a pot of cowboy coffee the othe morning and it was just wonderful. Isn't this dragonfly great, blkjak made this logo for me. It will show up most likely on the door when I get it back and painted.
This is the galvinized water tank. Pretty nasty and one end had been poorly soldered.

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