Thursday, September 15, 2011

May the Creator have mercy on our souls.

May the Creator have mercy on our souls.

May we who were sent to war educate those who were not, to the absolute futility and insanity of war.
To realize that the only winners are the corporations who make billions off the blood and tears of their fellows and whose interest is to keep war as a perceived solution to differences that need to be worked out person to person, soul to soul.
May the Creator have mercy on the souls of those who send us to war with profit as their motives.
May the Creator have  mercy on the souls of those innocents who are maimed and killed in these conflicts....those innocents in the countries we wage wars in as well as those in the twin towers and the aircraft used as a weapon by the jihadists.
May the Creator have mercy on all our mislead and desperate souls......
This came to me from Brian Many Wheels Blogspot, a very nice RV blog featuring his travels. Click this link to go to Bri's blog
Thank you Bri for allowing me to share.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Harvest Moon

Taking a break, been working on little Sanitee already this morning.  Will have pics up later of my woodworking accomplishments-note, I didn't say skills.
Grad 03
GC 02 Blue Bird
A little insomnia and energy last night produce this graduation card. The lower one I did early summer.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thanks for the help for my post below. Have not had time to fix it yet.
I have had a couple of people kindly ask whats up with web site and blog.  I am in the process of copy rights and protections for the content and stories and was advised to remove anything pretaining to it from the web for a while. WhooooHooo, finally getting somewhere. This book "game" is very difficult. I have full blown adhd sometimes and can't focus when I get into my right brain (or is it left brain?) mode. I thought I could do most of this myself but I have had to seek professional help-for the book and products that is.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Replying to posts

I have searched repeatedly how to reply to comments made by others on my blog. What am I doing that I can't reply?

When times are tough

Here is an interesting thoughtful blogger just starting out. He has the no job blues like a lot of us but is reaching out to help others find ther paths.
I admire the old, making lemonade from lemons ethic.
This is cut and pasted from a comment about Andrew's blog that I wrote on forum.
Very nice helpful blog. I come from old school, work and volunteer, no begging. I understand we all have our own paths, I am not judging. I have never been to that point and pray I never will and do not know that I would never beg if pressed to.  As for volunteering, your blog post was well thought out and written. I feel you get more than you give and you should do well because your emphasis seems to be not just on yourself but how you can help others. We are in very unfortunate times to where even the food kitchens and church reserves are drying up. People no longer have room to safely garden or even raise chickens for eggs. Lots are sitting empty that could easily be utilized for the production of food but many generational city and suburb dwellers don't have a clue how to go about a Victory Garden or even have a place to store tools.It may not be immediate but good does come from good. I will be referring your blog on my own blog and have made a donation.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A new Koi painting on Little Sanitee

I decided to use Little Sanitee as a rolling canvas of my life, thoughts, dreams and pure pleasures of my little world. This is the first painting done on the front. This honors my father. While he was undergoing prostate cance treatment a few years ago, I got him started with a koi pond. I read on somones else's blog to wax the front of your trailer, just like you do your vehicle. It will make it easier to remove bugs.
This is a shot of the floor, a few posts down you can see the hole and problems it posed. Cross beams were ripped, yeah, I learned to do it myself and didn't cut my foot or fingers off! The door is still being fixed, I have an old tablecloth that keeps out the rain. Rascal tried to get into the trailer so the little panel keeps him out now. I think I will do a mosiac entryway, probably koi and dragonfly.

Boring work

Floor is almost done, old galvinized water tank was pulled out, my dad and I did that and Big Guy is still trying to fix a backward wiring system and replace 50 year old wiring. Yes, boring but so gratifying. Oh, I have the stove working. I found another valve under a cabinet that needed opened for th propane to get to the oven. We vacumed and blew out the things the gas comes out of and all 3 burners as well as the oven work just fine.  I made a pot of cowboy coffee the othe morning and it was just wonderful. Isn't this dragonfly great, blkjak made this logo for me. It will show up most likely on the door when I get it back and painted.
This is the galvinized water tank. Pretty nasty and one end had been poorly soldered.