Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't want to be responsible anymore!

Have not been updating because I am at a point where what I am fixing is boring even to me. No one wants to hear about a meltdown I had because all of my panel nails kept bending as I was trying to nail the quarter round into the floor to hold the flooring in place. I mean, how hard can that be? I even drilled holes first and the nails still bent. No, I am clearly not a finish carpenter. Selling things at my sister's garage sale is going well. I am close to a decision about renting my house to friends who will care for it take care of a few animals. 
My house is paid for but taxes are high for a high crime area. I live out in the country by a few miles and have noisy dogs that bark if car, cat or truck enters my drive or yard so I don't worry.
I have my art studio/gallery on the property. It looks like a little Gatlinburg cottage with my hot tub on the porch.  I intend to redesign it, its only 21 ft by 21 ft, so I will have a place to live when I am not on the road. It has a woodburning stove, I will have to put in a simple bathroom and water. The house in the back of the studio is the main house.
The weeds got away from me this summer. The truth is, I am just tired of keeping up the house and property. I'm tired of the responsibility. Is that so bad?

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Jim and Sandie said...

It is not so bad to get tired of responsibility. I think that's pretty normal. As long as you don't let that feeling last for too long. Have you checked out this blog?

They restore old trailers and maybe you can get some ideas from them.

Don't give up. We all have dreams that we are working towards. Right now, mine is to get out of our son's driveway.