Saturday, July 30, 2011

Roof is finished!

If one waits for the weather to be perfect to get things done, well, things will never get done. The reflective finish can not get wet while applying. Summer has brought lots of humidity and rain during the afternoons. When we came into a bit of a drought, the temps went above 90 with high humidity.  Two days ago I finally decided I had to get this done for my on peace of mind. Little Sanitee now has a newly surfaced roof to keep her cool, although I thought she was pretty cool anyway.
I used about 2 gallons of reflective paint, described in a post below. I applied it heavy with several coats. It was easy to work with. It has not yet cured but seems to be very strong, thumb nail has to be pressed hard to mar it. The surface is dull and will probably pick up dirt easily. Last night it rained, high winds, rain coming down in sheets about 4 hours after tha last coat of paint.
I checked this morning and it had enough time to dry that there was no after effect.  Now, on to finish the holes in the floor where I removed bad wood. A good attitude is a must if you are going to undertake a project like this. Or just to dumb to know better.