Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Removing The Nasty Old Furnace

1961 Shasta Astrodome, saga continues.  As you enter Little Sanitee there is-was a furnace in the floor. Makes no sense why it would have been put there. Big guy said to keep it there to see if I might need it later. I think there might be spiders in it. It looks like a good home for spiders and it had all sorts of debri, not only that, it took up a lot of floor space. I bent three sides of the furnace up with pliers and it fell out to the ground leaving a big hole.
 A wood brace had been cut for the placement of the furnace. You can see that the forward cut brace is a bit rotted.  If any one wants the furnace for Goodness knows why, you can have it.  There is a glass top on it to see fuel levels. It looks like you pour fuel in the top, It seems to have an auto igniter.

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