Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hmmm, I wonder what happens If I pull this?

That flimsy wood on Lil' Sanitee's door looks iffy. If I just pull up a corner maybe I can see. "Momma always said, quit picking at it."  Oh well, a good starting place for repairs. The door is made of thin wood sheets layed in different directions. It sure pulls off easily when it is rotted.  A call to my father, I know how he loves doing mine or my sisters projects ;).  Sure bring it over and we'll build a new frame in it.  I have my drill battery plugged in so I can dissassemble the door from the frame and take it over to my Dad's place.  He doesn't have the problem with numbers that I do. He seems able to measure twice and cut once.


Ash said...

My dad's a carpenter and I really wish he lived closer to me so I could take advantage of the talent. Right now he walks me through stuff on the phone.

The Tuckerbag

Woody Belbin said...

Good luck with the project. Please keep updates. I would like to know what I may get into should I pick one of these up