Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Sanittee Gets A Rubberized Roof

1961 Shasta travel trailer
I just love getting a good deal. After researching roof coverings I decided to go with a rubberized coating. Trouble is, this stuff is very expensive. There are several brands that do the same thing. I was at Lowes and wondered into the roofing area and saw this, Kool Seal Ultra High Reflective Elastomeric Coating. It blocks UV rays, expands and contracts with the roof, saves energy by 35%.  The RV stores carry a similar product for about 65 dollars a gallon. Lowes was closing out the product, for 24.98 for 5 gallons, it should take about 2 gallons. When renovating an old camper, one can spend big bucks.  On the other hand, one can spend really big bucks getting something newer. I enjoy figuring out things and troubleshooting. I will admit, many women are at a disadvantage in the building department, I know I am. I did work with my father when younger but it was pretty much, hold this, get that, push on the brakes til I say stop, now pump them. Boys are encouraged to learn the difference between a phillips head and a straight head. Girls learn to set a table and cook and clean. Of course that was growing up in the 50s and 60s. Come the 70's and my teen years, well I won't go into those psychedelic times now. Just saying, I wish I was more rounded in the fixing things department. 


Ash said...

I can't wait to see how this works, you'll have to post a product review.

The Tuckerbag

Steve said...

How has this worked out for you? I've got a new trailer with an aluminum roof that I'm thinking of potentially replacing before I hit the road.